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April 2009 Steinlifters Online


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Hello Milwaukee Region members. I'm trying to ignore the annoying weather forecasts, remaining hopeful that soon we will be able to confidently remove our cars from winter storage and get on with the driving season. With driving in mind, this issue offers an article on prepping your car for its first drive of the season. There are also notices of events coming up in late April and May that you'll want to get on your calendar.

Enjoy the issue. If you have comments or an article to submit or a link to recommend for future issues, please send them to the webmaster. See bottom of the page for contact information. 

Events in April

Car show at VA Center. Bring your Porsche out on April 25. Details here.

Events in May

May 2 Spring driving tour. Details are now available. Put some miles on that Porsche in our group driving tour. Follow the leader or follow the tour instructions at your own pace.

May 7 General membership meeting. Details here.

May 8 and 9 Hallenbeck Drive Into Spring Drivers education at Road America. Special offer for new members: The Milwaukee Region is offering a 50 percent discount on DE entry fees for new members who have joined PCA in the last 12 consecutive months prior to the DE event. This does not include transfers into the region and is a one-time offer. Not sure DE is for you? We are again offering "Taste of the Track," an excellent opportunity to ride with our experienced driving instructors for the small sum of $35. More information will be posted to the DE section of our Web site. Please contact Kurt Krueger at 262-966-0096 or via e-mail at kurt@goporsche.net for more information. Details about the 2009 DE schedule and requirements can be found on the DE/Events page.

May 9 Drive, arrive at track for touring and cap off the day with dinner in Elkhart Lake. Check out drivers education as a spectator. At the conclusion of the DE schedule, drive your Porsche on the track (60 mph speed limit) and then head over to Elkhart Lake for dinner with other members. Details here. Please RSVP by May 1. We need to know how many will be joining us for this unique social event.

May 17 Multi-region autocross event sponsored by the Chicago Region. Venue is Tire Rack in South Bend, Ind.  Details here. Also check out the Autocross Events page for directions to the Tire Rack and information about the other events scheduled for autocross this year. 

Welcome to these members who joined our region as of March 2009

Mark Fischer, 2003 911 Turbo

James Goelz, 2003 911

Charles Pless, 1999 Carrera

Mary Richter, 1995 Carrera Cabrioliet

Justin Smith, 1979 911

  Mary Richter's Carrera Cabriolet


Anniversaries in April 

George Burns, 1965 Dan Matre, 1998 Robert Ensweiler, 2002   Patrick Kleibor, 2006
James Bradburn, 1965 Timothy Day, 1998 Michael Kirst, 2002 Mike Engel, 2006
Mark Eskuche, 1973 Dennis Childs, 1999 Roger Ritzow, 2002 Todd Hansen, 2006
Frank Stockinger, 1975 Trevor Davies, 1999 Edward Jacob, 2002 Chip Kubly, 2007
Paul Ebbe, 1977 Mike Ollmann, 1999 James Schmidt, 2003 Douglas Baumann, 2007
Karl Ayer, 1983 Tony Lechner, 1999 Dennis Ruis, 2003 Terry Giles, 2007
Michael Meuli, 1985 Gary Kebbekus, 2000 Katie Schaefer, 2004 Christopher Dale, 2008
Randall Alexander, 1989    James Stevenson, 2000   John Kapellusch 2004 John Versey, 2008
Bob Fait, 1989 Thomas Linstroth, 2000 Craig Schulz, 2005 Edward Wellner, 2008
Erik Moeser, 1991 Paul Wild, 2001 Matt Strong, 2005 Andrew Frailing, 2008
Steve Henschel, 1995 Brian Balestreri, 2001 John Gaines, 2005 Eric Jorgensen, 2008
Michael Korger David Tatem, 2001 Mike Treptow, 2005  
Luke Hesprich, 1997 Michael Anderson, 2001 Hawk Wilde, 2005  
Bob Shellman, 1997 Randall Schmidt, 2001    


Tips for waking up your Porsche after its winter hibernation. Read it here.

Millers at the Mile. If you love historic cars and racing, this is an event for you. Mark your calendar now. Details here.

Recap of the tech session about drivers education. Read it here.

Luck doesn't help Porsche in opening round of American Le Mans series. Read about it here.

Winning chili recipe available. While we hope the worst of the cold weather is behind us for a few months, we have the recipe from one of the prize-winning chili entrees in our region's Carrera Chili cook-off to share with you. Save the recipe for next season or try it now. You won't be disappointed. Thanks to Patricia Gabarra Koller for sharing the recipe with us.

Classifieds. Visit our classifieds listing to see what's for sale or wanted. Need to sell an item or find one? Use the classifieds. They're free for members. This is an added benefit of being a member of PCA - Milwaukee Region.

What winter projects did you complete? Are you willing to share with other members any Porsche-related projects that you worked on over the winter? Some members are expert do-it-yourselfers. If you count yourself in that lucky group and you're willing to write a couple of paragraphs about what you tackled -- and learned -- we're sure other members would be interested in reading about it. Please submit your story soon. The editor/webmaster is happy to help you polish the article if you provide the basic information. Submit your article to the webmaster, beverly.jurkowski@sbcglobal.net

Porsche sales reported for March 2009. Sales decrease 29% from year ago. Details here.

And finally, on the lighter side.

Woe to vehicles without flotation devices. Hackers or road crew construction copywriters display a twisted sense of humor.

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