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The passcode to access the current and past newsletters is the home of Porsche in Germany, where you'd find the museum, etc.

Passcode has four t's in it. Starts with an s and ends with a t.

Immediately after the city name add 1931 with no space between the city name and the number.

All lowercase.

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Contact the webmaster, if the hint above isn't enough.

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Article submission
We're always interested in you and your passion for the Porsche brand. Articles written by members to appear on the website and/or the newsletter are welcome. Guidelines: Topic must be Porsche-related. It could be a do-it-yourself maintenance story. Or how you found your first Porsche. Length: 1,000 words is the limit. Photos must be submitted in .jpg form and the photographer's name must be included. All articles are subject to editing. Send them via email to:


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