Steinlifters Newsletters

The Porsche Club of America Milwaukee Region publishes a monthly newsletter called "Steinlifters."

Members are invited to submit articles and photos that tell the story of their passion for Porsche. The deadline is always the 25th day of the month preceding the publication date of the first of the next month. i.e. June 25 is the deadline for the July issue.

Ready to access our newsletters? Here's a hint: The passcode to access is the home of Porsche in Germany. has four t's in it. Starts with an s and ends with a t. Immediately after the city name add 1931 with no space between the city name and the number. Lowercase.

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To keep our costs down (see reasons below), a passcode is necessary to access the list of monthly newsletters.

Region members must use the region's generic (everyone uses the same password) login to access the newsletters here. It's not the one you use at

Contact the webmaster, if you need more help. 

Why is this necessary?

Internet search bots were indexing this page and driving up the bandwidth needed on the web server.

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