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March 2010 Steinlifters Online

Later this month, the calendar will officially declare it's Spring! March also means it's time to register for Porsche Parade 2010. That's why we're featuring the 2010 Parade logo here. Elsewhere in this newsletter you will find links to a new video about Parade as well as the registration site.

March also means our season of events really begins to rev up, like the RPMs when we're pushing our Porsche in second gear. In this issue, read about new events that have been added to the calendar since our last update as well as additional details about some of the events that have already been noted. Watch for New! in the entry to indicate this is the first time we've communicated information about the event or have new information. Ok, here we go.

Upcoming events


More fun events like Historic Turbo Spaghetti are on tap. Read
about the winners of this year's annual culinary contest


March 4 - Board meeting at Brew City Grill. 10250 N Cedarburg Rd., Mequon, WI 53092. Brew City is on Hwy 57 between County Line Road and Donges Bay Road.

March 19 - Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring casual dinner. Friday night at the Open Flame in Hales Corners. You order what you want from the menu and get a separate check. Lots of parking and a great selection of items. RSVP by March 12 if you plan to join us. Details here.

March 27 New! - Tech session about tires. Putting the right tires on your Porsche matters. This is a Saturday morning session hosted by O'Reilly Motorcars, 324 W. Cherry St., just north of the Bradley Center in downtown Milwaukee. Kick the topic of tires around with other Porsche owners. The BMW chapter of Milwaukee has also been invited to attend. Details here. RSVP by March 20.

April 1 - Board meeting at Brew City Grill. Members also welcome to sit in and participate. 10250 N Cedarburg Rd., Mequon, WI 53092. Brew City is on Hwy 57 between County Line Road and Donges Bay Road.

April 10 - New! Tech session on driver's education. Spend a Saturday morning learning what driver's education is all about. Hint: This isn't the driver's ed that you or your kids took in high school. This is about taking your Porsche out on a track in a controlled, safe environment, to enjoy your Porsche's superb handling, braking, cornering and acceleration attributes. Details here. RSVP by April 3.

April 30 - New details! We have new details about Everything Porsche: 50th Anniversary Membership Meeting. This event is free to each member and a guest. Special parking area for Porsches, free snacks and beverages. Also, the Museum will be open exclusively for us. There is a special discounted entry fee available to members who wish to enjoy the museum. The first 50 to RSVP will receive one free Museum admission. All of the details can be found here. This is one event you don't want to miss. Join us.

May 1 - New! Honor the Vets Porsche Car Show at the VA Center in Milwaukee for the benefit of our military vets who are housed at the Zablocki Medical Center. This is the third annual event that we've staged for the vets. They love coming outside to see the Porsches gathered. With two years of dismal weather, we're sure the odds are with us to have a sunny, warm day in May! Details here, including info about lunch at TGI Fridays in Miller Park before the car show if you're interested.

May 6 - Board meeting at Brew City Grill, Mequon. 10250 N Cedarburg Rd., Mequon, WI 53092. Brew City is on Hwy 57 between County Line Road and Donges Bay Road.

May 8 -  New!   Drive to Road America, observe DE in action, then tour the track and cap the day with a relaxing, delicious dinner at the Lake Street Cafe in Elkhart Lake. All details here.

May 7 - 8  - Hallenbeck Drive into Spring Driver's Education at Road America. Check out the DE events page for full details, including registration information and safety/tech requirements. Register at www.motorsportsreg.com.

June 3 - Board meeting. Brew City Grill. 10250 N Cedarburg Rd., Mequon, WI 53092. Brew City is on Hwy 57 between County Line Road and Donges Bay Road.

June 4 - Revised date!  This is a revised date for for the June driver education day at Blackhawk Farms. Visit the DE Events page for full details including a link to the online registration site.

June 6 - Autocross at Miller Park.  Details here. Don't autocross but want to help out? We can use you.

June 12 -- Everything Porsche 50th Anniversary driving tour. Details to be announced soon. Save the date for a day of outstanding driving with other Porsches in a follow the leader fashion. A great lunch break will also be part of this day.

July 1 - Board meeting. Brew City Grill. 10250 N Cedarburg Rd., Mequon, WI 53092. Brew City is on Hwy 57 between County Line Road and Donges Bay Road.

July 12 - Driver education at Blackhawk Farms. Register at www.motorsportsreg.com.

July 17 - Everything Porsche 50th Anniversary Celebration during the Kohler International Challenge. Special activities will take place within Porsche Park, including a special appearance and presentation by fabled Porsche factory racing team driver Brian Redman. More details will be coming.

Aug. 1 -  New!   Everything Porsche 50th Anniversary Concours d'elegance and car show at International Autos - Porsche in Waukesha. More details coming.

Aug. 5 - Board meeting. Brew City Grill. 10250 N Cedarburg Rd., Mequon, WI 53092. Brew City is on Hwy 57 between County Line Road and Donges Bay Road.

Aug. 8 -- New! Drive to Botham Winery near Barneveld. More details coming.

Aug. 15 - Everything Porsche 50th Anniversary Autocross. Miller Park is the venue. More details coming.

Sept. 25 - New details!    Everything Porsche 50th Anniversary banquet. Our guest speaker for this special event is Burt Levy. Read his bio here.

Additional calendar dates will be published in the April issue of Steinlifters Online.


Welcome new members

Christopher Bresser, Sheboygan Falls, 1983 944

Mark Holzwart, Kohler, 2009 Cayman

Raymond Knight, Kenosha, 2010 Turbo

Brian Koderl, West Bend, 1976 912

Kelly Lucyk, Milwaukee, 1999 Boxster

George Pesic and his wife Judy Pesic, Franklin, 2002 911

Herman Philipp, Rockford, Ill., 2006 Cayman S

Scott Sampson, Milwaukee, 1985 928 and 1997 993

Steven Stickler, Milwaukee, 2007 997 4S

We also welcome Robert Hieb, Pewaukee, who transferred to Milwaukee Region from the Sequoia Region. Robert drives a 1964 356 and a 1994 RS America.

Meet one of our newest members

Meet John Johnson of Genoa City, Wis., who joined the region in January. John reports that his latest Porsche is a five-owner (now six) '85 Carrera coupe with 45k on the clock and in remarkably good condition. “Initial build quality is of course the main reason for the Carrera's longevity, but I also have to conclude that in general and when it comes to maintenance and appreciation of their  vehicles, Porsche owners are remarkably consistent and like-minded,” he said. “One hopes it's axiomatic that things built with care should be treated with care.”

John notes that he also enjoys and looks after an '05 Cayenne 3.2 6-speed and an '08 Cayman 2.7 5-speed -- both one-owner vehicles. “As you can imagine, switching back and forth always takes a momentary pause as these three vehicles are quite different in their characteristics. Fortunately, the Cayman and the Carrera have identical shift patterns,” John said. The Carrera, originally sold and serviced at Holbert Porsche+Audi in Warrington, Pa., was last listed on the DuPont Registry by Rayco EuroSpec Motorcars at Kingston, Pa., and after purchase was trucked here three months ago. “And by the way, buying on-line sight-unseen was novel for me, but Jay Grove and everyone else at Rayco couldn't have been more helpful and more truthful.”

John is married and semi-retired after an interesting career that included a variety of occupations beginning with the U. S. Army, ending with plastics manufacturing, “and with several these, that, and those in between.” John reports he’s interested in tech sessions. We look forward to getting to know him at one of our sessions in the near future. Welcome John.

March membership anniversaries -- congratulations to these members observing a PCA anniversary

Mike J. O'Krongly


Robert J. Van Zelst


Ron A. Pace


Gary D. Stuyvenberg


Gary E. Messing


Jim Van Orsdol


Jean-Louis Picouet


Martin M. Komondoros


Michael J. O'Neill PHD


Phillip J. Sauer


John P. Rodkey


Pat H. Seroka


Dan Mahlik


Gregory R. Giuliani


David Pickens


Mark R. Schaefer


James M. Swant


Richard P. Zinda


Carl A. Jensen


Dr. Mark A. Dorow


James A. Garvens


Gordon R. Leech


Daniel Cheng


Patrick J. White


Muck J. Mucklin


Mark Thomsen


Michael Laszkiewicz


Dennis Winkleman


Christopher Gentine


Phillip A. Burn


James C. Wade


Thom Willis


Baker S. Al-Qudsi


Brad Schlossmann


Kevin Armstrong


Steven R. Quade


Brian A. Roselle


William C. Wright


Kenneth D. Ritter


Randy D. Burge


Curtis Mann


James L. Philipp


Chris A. Schultz


Richard Weaver


James A. Goelz


Mark Fischer


Charles R. Pless


Mary L. Richter


Justin A. Smith



Classifieds are available online here. 

Porsche Parade 2010 -- St. Charles, Ill., July 3 - 9

The 2010 Porsche Parade, the annual gathering of members of Porsche Club of America, will be in our backyard this year -- in St. Charles, Ill. Some region members travel to either coast to attend Parade, no matter the location because it's that much fun to be with nearly 1,000 other Porsches and their owners. This year, the distance is short. Don't miss the chance to attend. Here are more details to help you decide.

Read a novice parade attendee's recollection of his first parade here.
And, visit the 2010 Parade Web site for the schedule and registration.
Here's another recap of what Parade is all about and what awaits you if you register and make the cut.

News from PCA and Porsche

918 Spyder Concept Cayenne Turbo Hybrid

Most of us don't get to visit auto shows in far off places. At many of these shows, concepts and new vehicles are revealed. Read about Porsche's auto show circuit and what's been catching show-goers attention:

New Cayenne Hybrid boasts of intelligent, powerful engine. Read all about it here.

918 Spyder Concept. The future looks bright -- and fast. Read about it here.

And our funny sign of the month is.....



Find the list of region officers and committee chairs online here. Contact them with your questions or ideas for future events.

Contact Webmaster: beverly.jurkowski@sbcglobal.net with story ideas or photos of you and your Porsche. Member input is always welcome.

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