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Big news for region Autocross program

By Mike Bolton, Milwaukee Region Autocross Chair

We have some big news about PCA-Milwaukee autocross in 2017.

Thanks to the efforts of several members, we have secured the sponsorship of Porsche Milwaukee North, a Umansky Motor Cars dealership. Through this sponsorship, we were able to procure much needed upgraded timing equipment. This is a huge investment for our region and exemplifies the board’s commitment to continue to offer autocross as part of the region’s yearly activities.

Region President Tony Quebbemann worked with Porsche Sales Manager Young Lee at Umansky to work out the sponsorship agreement. "From our initial discussion of the Autocross event sponsorship, Young was very supportive to become more involved with our events,” said Quebbemann. “The Umansky commitment was in place by the Holiday party in January so we could plan ahead.  Umansky is on board to strengthen our relationship. We sincerely thank them and both look forward to the natural benefits this will bring."

With the sponsorship secured, region members researched the best options for new equipment. Long-time former Autocross Chair and autocross enthusiast Bruce Tammi was among those who helped with the decision on what to purchase.

The region now owns Farmtek timing equipment, new software and an updated laptop, prepared by Mike Wiviott, board member/Tech Sessions chair. Mike and fellow board member Todd Flemming, both IT experts, consulted on the software purchase.

The Farmtek equipment includes:

  • Polaris Timing Console with wireless connection to timing lights
  • Two pairs of electric eyes which can be up to 200’ from the cars
  • Two extra pairs of timing lights for back-up
  • Four tripods to get the timing lights up off the ground
  • Additional tripods, also for back up
  • Carrying case for the equipment
  • Back-up batteries for all the pieces of equipment.

This new equipment is easy to set up, easy to align, has no vehicle color or reflectivity issues and could monitor up to seven cars. Because of the size of the course on the Uecker Lot, we will still have just three cars on the course at one time.

"The AXti.me software was selected with help from Mike Wiviott and Todd Flemming. If you are going to pick software, you might as well tap into the expertise of guys who not only deal with this stuff for a living, but they like it. I merely tolerate it,” said Bolton. “And a big thank you goes to Mike Wiviott for donating a nearly new laptop to run the AXti.me software as well as help with online MotorSportReg registration for folks that walk up the morning of the event."

2017 autocross schedule

With the new timing equipment and software, the region will host two events in 2017, both at Miller Park on the Uecker Lot. The first will be on June 25 and the second will be on Aug. 27, both Sundays.  

Registration for the June 25 event is open on MotorSportReg.

All the forms that participants need for autocross are available on the online registration site including Tech Inspection, Emergency Contact, Minor Waiver and a map of Miller Park to help you locate the Uecker Lot.

With all of this new equipment and software, we will be scheduling a “try it out session” sometime before the first event, enlisting the aid of interested helpers to get a jump on the new PCA autocross experience. Stay tuned for more about the trial session.
In addition to the new timing equipment and software, we also serviced the region’s autocross trailer, replacing some worn out wheel hubs and repairing the roof.  

All in all, what more could you ask?  Summer is coming, registration is easy (on MotorSportReg), the timing equipment is new, we have state-of-the-art software (which is so cool someone my age doesn’t get how most of it works), and we have a sponsor dedicated to helping this club grow and entertain both new and existing members in an easy to learn and safe to do performance driving event.

Come join us for the PCA/Umansky Autocross Event on June 25 at Miller Park.

For more information about the Milwaukee Region Autocross Program, visit the Autocross page.

Posted on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 12:00 PM, updated on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 12:02 PM
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