60th planning meeting minutes

Milwaukee Region PCA 60th anniversary planning meeting – March 30, 2019, at Umansky (Porsche Milwaukee North)

Attendees: Jim Del Balso, Greg Kizevic, Harold Zimdars, Tom Spiegel, Roger Franzel, Donna Daufenbach, Tim White, Gene Guszkowski, Terry Royals, Betsy Royals, Patrick Murphy, Patty Murphy, Kim Zinda, Tony Quebbemann, Jim Lindenberg, Bev Jurkowski, Al Wagner, Dan Johansen

Absent: Bob Budecki, Todd Ponath, Mike Wiviott, Todd Flemming

Al kicked off the meeting noting it was a brainstorming session to come up with the best ideas to celebrate 60 years as one of PCA’s regions.

We spent the first 15 minutes discussing the idea of a theme, something that can be used throughout the 60th year (2020) to note the celebration. The theme could also be carried on wearables/promotional items.

A number of ideas were voiced:

  • 6o years of Porsches and People
  • 20/20 Vision: looking back on 60 years of fun in our Porsches
  • Zero to 60 in 2020
  • Curve by curve: The road goes on for the Milwaukee Region
  • Turning the corner to the next 60 years
  • Cheers to 60 years.

The group tentatively decided that Cheers to 60 years was the winner.

Committee events:

356 Club of Wisconsin – Jim Del Balso, Tom Spiegel and Harold Zimdars described the 356 membership, noting that these people would be most interested in an event where their cars could be displayed and a conversation could be had about the cars. Tom suggested perhaps a breakfast with the cars displayed. Maybe a series of venues such as the Machine Shed in Waukesha, or a place north of Milwaukee. 356 drivers are not likely to drive in an autocross or DE but would do a drive and possibly a gimmick rallye

Jim Lindenberg suggested a sightseeing tour with stops at the various Porsche dealers in Milwaukee, Appleton and Madison.

Tim White said a drive crossing the Hoan Bridge would be special with 356s and the other models of Porsches. Ending at Germanfest would be good. No one volunteered to check with Germanfest. [Al Wagner will contact Tim & Gene to see if one of them will contact Germanfest to see if there’s interest.]

A venue in downtown Milwaukee, such as a plaza outside the Fiserv Forum was suggested as a place to show off the Porsches, especially the 356s. Tom noted that the 356 group comes from throughout the state and they are disinclined to drive in Milwaukee proper.

Tom also recalled that in its early years the region had dinners at the Fox & Hounds and Alpine Resort. Going back there for a car show and dinner would be good.

Autocross – this event is uncertain until we can lock in a site.

Cars & Coffee – Donna said that any of the Cars & Coffee locations could be a starting or ending point for a follow-the-leader drive and these also mesh well with a concours event.

Think about involving another region. We can get PCA funding if we have two or more competitive events. It was agreed we could invite Central Wis., Fox Valley and Chicago regions to any of our events.

Car control – Todd P not present. More to come on that.

Concours – Gene and Tim discussed his. Gene expressed his disappointment that the 2019 Milwaukee Concours d’Elegance will have three classes of Porsche (vs. the one or two that they usually have). He is hoping they would have three classes again in 2020 to coincide with our 60th. The classes would be: 356, 911 and 924/944/928. [Where would Boxsters & Caymans fit in?]

Gene is hoping to have a large number of Porsches in the Show & Glow Paddock in 2020 with all models represented. Tony reminded the group that 40 percent of all Porsches sold today are four-door models (Macan, Cayenne, Panamera). We should be mindful of this audience.

Concours in 2020 will add more events, especially at historic places. Al suggested we have one standalone event that is separate from the Show & Glow Paddock/concours judging at the Milwaukee Concours d’Elegance.

DE—Terry said he is excited about so many activities offered to region members. Our region can support a one-day DE. He noted, however, that many of the committee members/workers spend the night before the event in Elkhart Lake due to the early start. He said one idea he had is to have a driving tour after the DE and follow that with dinner at a local restaurant. Spectators who come up to watch the DE would take part in the tour and dinner along with all DE participants.  We could also hold a picnic in Porsche Park, the designated parking area at Road America during the DE day. We also anticipate having 30 to 50 veterans on hand to tour the track during the lunch break. The 356 club members could drive the veterans on the track. Terry also suggested we look into having Sideline Sports Photography take photos of members’ cars at a designated part of the track. Following the meeting, Terry and Bev exchanged emails about this and Bev suggested a group aerial photo taken of members’ cars in Porsche Park (at turn 1) with all of the members in the center forming a six and a zero for 60. This option would be logistically easier to pull off than getting cars onto the track for photos.

History – Greg noted he could create a table-top display at any or all of the 60th ann. events to show some of the history and memorabilia. Hal Zimdars and Buzz (last name?) would be available to answer questions about the region’s history. It was pointed out that Hal, Gene Bussian (now deceased) and Tom Spiegel were interviewed by Gary and Renee Messing and Donna Daufenbach in 2014. Those videos are on the region’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWr-mKw-FeU Following the meeting Bev sent everyone a series of links to all of the articles that are on the region website that report on the various activities that were held for the 50th anniversary.

Social – Kim said the social committee had discussed a number of ideas. They’d like to have a member of the Porsche family attend one of the events or the 2020 PCA president or representative. Thinking of celebrating heritage day at the picnic. Possibly add a fish fry. Drive to Fort Atkinson and have dinner at the Fireside. Tom Spiegel added that maybe a Porsche factory-sponsored race driver could attend. Patty said that essentially they want to “super-size” the events to make them special. Include a silent auction to raise money for charity. Jim D. suggested holding an event at the Wisconsin Club Country Club (site of the 50th closing banquet). Grand Geneva resort also a possible site. 1960s themed party at Turbo Spaghetti/Carrera Chili. (2019 was chili so 2020 will be spaghetti).

Tech sessions – Could combine social event with a tech event.

Tours – Jim is thinking about interesting venues such as Braise a farm to table experience. Octoberfest in late September. Add logo to bottles of wine or a pop-up for the back of mobile phone.

Charity – Roger noted that we could collect food items at a number of events throughout the year.

Passports/participation awards – Members could get their “passport” stamped at every event they participate in. At the end of the year, receive a gift based on the number of events. We don’t want to skimp on awards. Following the meeting Bev volunteered to do a layout of a passport and submit it for review.

Logo – Gene Guszkowski offered to have a 60th logo developed. We want to bring back the tilted stein.

Budgets – Each committee should prepare and submit a budget for their activities. This should be accomplished by our next meeting to be held in late summer or early fall.

Some venues fill well in advance so we should commit as soon as possible to secure our desired locations.

Next meeting will be in early fall. Al will send out the meeting invite. In the meantime, share with the others on this committee any other thoughts or decisions you need to make or have affirmed before we meet again.

In his closing remarks, region president Tony Quebbemann noted that Chicago region didn’t start planning soon enough for their 60th and missed it. He is pleased that our region is already making plans.

Meeting adjourned at noon.


--Bev Jurkowski

Posted on Tuesday, April 2, 2019 10:33 AM, updated on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 7:53 AM
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