Why do I need a log in to access Steinlifters?

Why do you need a log in now when you didn't before? Glad you asked. Internet search bots were indexing our site, especially the newsletters. Since these files are large (> 2 mb), every time a bot hit the newsletter, it would suck up bandwidth, many times more than what we have paid for in our web hosting contract. To prevent the bots from doing their thing, we have moved the newsletter behind the firewall. 

Here's a hint for the log in for the current and archived list of newsletters: lowercase all one word--the German city that Porsche calls home. It has four t's in it. It starts with an s. After the last t add 1931 with no space after the t or before the 1.

Contact the webmaster for assistance. webmaster@porschepark.org

Posted on Saturday, October 5, 2019 10:12 AM, updated on Tuesday, August 18, 2020 10:56 AM
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