Updated info for July 25 drive to Elkhart Lake for street concours Covid-19 style

Over the past several years, region members have enjoyed a follow-the-leader driving tour to Elkhart Lake on the weekend of that village’s street concours. Hundreds of interesting cars usually line the streets for viewing by the public. The region plans to do a similar drive on July 25.

NEW! The concours has been moved (again). It will now be at Road America. Note, you must buy a ticket in advance ($10) online. No tickets will be sold at the gate. Details here: https://www.roadamerica.com/article/road-america-decides-host-its-widely-popular-concours-events-weathertech-international?fbclid=IwAR2a1HR0SlIDF5E--FoWBAICcFutLFIqEinpcTZUtiLjElzAoXKGmC9jMSQ

We will drive to Elkhart Lake where we will dine at Lake Street Cafe. Following dinner, attendees can go to Road America (after 4 p.m.) for the concours if they like. The group will be limited to 20 cars or 40 people, whichever number is reached first. Perhaps, you are tired of being cooped-up and would relish the opportunity to put some quality miles on your Porsche’s odometer. We’ll plan to drive from a starting point near Cedarburg, to Elkhart Lake, via the twisty, hilly backroads your Porsche prefers. Details regarding the starting place and time will be provided to those registered for the event. Preregistration is mandatory, can be accomplished on www.motorsportreg.com, and must be completed by midnight on Friday, July 17. No late registrations will be accepted. Those registering for the event (each person must be listed), will be requested to electronically sign two (2) documents: 1) the normal PCA event waiver, and 2) the PCA COVID-19 release. These documents must be signed by each person with you on the tour, and downloaded to your smartphones, so they can be displayed when you check in for the drive. COVID-19 guidelines have been developed specifically for this event. They can be found on the MSR registration site.

There will be an optional dinner at Lake Street Café after arriving in Elkhart Lake. Lake Street Café is affording us the opportunity to eat outdoors (for better air circulation) if the weather is clement. Should the weather not cooperate, we will be seated in the dining room at tables accommodating four or six people from our group. You may consider whether any risk associated with the eating arrangements is acceptable to you and any guest(s) with you. On the registration site, you will be asked to list the number of people (if any) in your party planning to have dinner at Lake Street Café. Please be realistic with your count; we (and Lake Street Café) want it to be accurate.

Register here:


Taking in the concours is also optional, will be on your own, and at your own risk. Likewise, the return home will be on your own.

If anyone has questions, please contact Tour Committee Chair, Jim Lindenberg at 414-581-1878, or at jimsuanb@wi.rr.com.  

An example of the kind of cars that are in the street concours in Elkhart Lake Driving interesting roads in Wisconsin during the summer. Our route to Elkhart Lake will not be the most direct but it will be fun.

Posted on Sunday, July 12, 2020 12:00 AM, updated on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 7:53 AM
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