Nominate a member for region Hall of Fame

This new program — the Hall of Fame — was established to recognize retroactively as well as going forward those members who have made and will make the region one of the best in PCA.

Objective: To honor and recognize those individuals who have made a significant impact over time on the life and vibrancy of the club.

Eligibility: Any present or past PCA-Milwaukee Region member is eligible for inclusion in the Hall of Fame. There is no length of membership requirement though it is expected that Hall of Fame inductees will have demonstrated a significant level of commitment to the club over an extended period of time.

Process: Any current member of the club can nominate an individual for consideration as a Hall of Fame inductee. Nominations will be accepted throughout the year. Documentation or rationale must accompany the nomination. The board of directors will have sole discretion on approving or rejecting the nomination.

The club Board of Directors will meet in August to discuss the nominations and vote on a final recommendation of zero, one or two inductees for the year. Any Board of Director that is nominated will recuse himself/herself from the meeting, The Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be included in the club’s annual holiday party or other appropriate venue. Hall of Fame inductees would be memorialized on a special page of the region website.

Criteria: It is expected that Hall of Fame inductees will have a significant body of work that has had a positive impact on the club over an extended period of time.

This may include, but is not limited to:

  • leadership positions at the Region and/or National level
  • stewardship of club events
  • chairing of club committees
  • visibility and recognition within PCA at the Region and/or National level

When submitting a nomination, be sure to include your name and a phone number in case the board has questions.

Send nominations to:


Posted on Thursday, April 22, 2021 7:13 AM
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