Possible tour to Colorado in September 2023

Interest Survey for a possible PCA-Milwaukee Region September 2023 Colorado tour

PCA-Milwaukee Region is considering another long-distance tour next year, this time to Colorado, to drive numerous uber-twisty mountain roads, including Pikes Peak (Elevation 14,115’) and Independence Pass (Elevation 11,095’). The most-likely time is early September 2023. If there is little interest, the idea will be dropped. If there is a lot of interest, we’ll proceed with planning. Please consider that this tour would require at least 7 days (more likely 8 or 9 days), and it would likely add at least 3,000 miles to your Porsche’s odometer. If you are interested, please send a brief email indicating your potential interest (no formal commitment is required at this time) to: alan.wagner@wi.rr.com.

Possible Itinerary*:

Day 1: Milwaukee to Lincoln, Neb.

Day 2: Lincoln, Neb. to Colorado Springs, Colo.

Day 3: Pikes Peak Drive, then on to Vail, Colo.

Day 4: Vail to Leadville, then on to Aspen via Independence Pass, back to Vail in a clockwise loop including a final stint on I-70**

Day 5: Off day to relax and sightsee at Vail

Day 6: On to cross Rocky Mountain National Park west to east on Trail Ridge Road to Estes Park

Day 7: Estes Park to Lincoln, Neb.

Day 8: Lincoln, Neb. to Milwaukee

*Very preliminary and subject to change.

**Replicates the Piëch to Peak Drive of four Porsche 906s featured in the March 2021, Panorama


Posted on Sunday, July 10, 2022 12:00 AM, updated on Tuesday, July 19, 2022 6:47 AM
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