Historic Turbo Spaghetti declared a resounding success

With 13 sauces to sample, judges (left to right) Jeanine Dent,
Brian Koderl and Bill Bode had their work cut out for them
at Historic Turbo Spaghetti on Feb. 6. Don Kiepert, region
president, monitors their work.

Historic Turbo Spaghetti was held on Feb. 6 and on all accounts was a resounding success. Let's start with this message from our hosts Gary and Renee Messing, who opened the doors of their Third Ward condo in downtown Milwaukee to more than 60 region members and their guests:

A message to our guests at Turbo Spaghetti:

More than 60 of you showed up at our home to celebrate Everything Porsche. As you know, Everything Porsche is the Region’s way of recognizing its 50th anniversary. And since Turbo Spaghetti is the longest running social event, it was an appropriate way to get the celebration under way. The gathering on Feb. 6 was the 33rd event of its kind and we were delighted to host it. Your presence made it a success.

We had a lot of help and our gratitude is abundant. Some worked to welcome you upon arrival, others helped in the kitchen. Without them the outcome would have been diminished compared to how it turned out. We sincerely hope you had a great time. Certainly everyone involved in putting on this event – us, members of the Social Committee, and others including Region President Don Kiepert – were focused on making you feel welcome. We hope that was accomplished.

Thank you for joining us. We encourage you to look at all that the Region has to offer and become involved. This is a great Region!

Gary and Renee Messing

Winners (Olympic theme):

Gold: Linda Lyon
Silver: Mark Thomsen
Bronze: Bruce Tammi
Peoples' Choice: Todd Flemming


Bill Bode, Head Judge
Jeanine Dent
Brian Koderl


Don and Marianne Kiepert
Mike Jurkowski
Rick Zinda

Event Registrar:

Bev Jurkowski

Iron Chefs:

Al and Ellen Wagner
Photos by Geoff Wilde, Sharon Stewart and Jim Del Balso.
First-place winner Linda Lyon checks out her Olympic medal. Mark Thomsen (back to camera) is about to receive his silver medal (second place) from Don Kiepert, left, region president, as Gary Messing (standing on chair) announces the winners. Third-place winner Bruce Tammi and his wife Maria.
People's Choice Winner Todd Flemming (right). The relaxing evening meant time to visit and reconnect.
Geoff and Stacey Wilde and Lee Heppe (right) could be
planning a tour.
 Ron Pace, left, region secretary, chats with Dave Pickens.
 Iron chef Al Wagner prepares bread to accompany the pasta.  Renee Messing, right, visits with Jack Carini and his guest.
Tim and Sue White enjoyed salad as a first course. Members and guests had a chance to visit during the evening.












































Jake, the kitten that adopted Renee and Gary Messing a few weeks before
Turbo Spaghetti, attacks the shoestring of an attendee.

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