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What's autocross? It's a safe, performance-handling experience in which participants learn how to quickly maneuver one's car around a course marked by pylons in an open parking lot. Instructors are available to teach the finer points of this low-speed event. Drivers compete against the clock, with one to three drivers on the course at any one time. Cars are kept a safe distance from each other. No modifications are necessary to one's car to compete.

If you have input for our Autocross chair, please contact Dave Carlson via e-mail at

Our 2024 date will be announced soon.

The region's autocross event is held at the Motorplex at Road America. Help needed. If you're not inclined to participate in autocross but would like to help out at these events, please know your assistance would be most welcomed. We need people to help with course set up in the early part of the day as well as course workers to monitor the runs and restore safety cones to their original spot. We also need help with starting and timing. There's plenty to do and it's a fun way to volunteer for the club. If you can help, contact Dave Carlson, see contact info above.



In addition to your helmet and driver's license, make sure your brake lights are working, battery is securely mounted, seat belts are in good condition, lug nuts and bolts are properly torqued and vehicle is empty of all loose items, such as floor mats, etc.

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