Street survival class for teens

May 13, 2023

By Nate Heiking, Car Control Committee Chair

The Milwaukee Region SCCA is once again inviting Porsche Club members to participate in the Milwaukee Region SCCA Tire Rack Street Survival class on Saturday, May 13 at Milwaukee Area Technical College - Oak Creek campus. Street Survival is a real world, hands-on driving safety class for teens. Students learn in a combination of classroom, their own vehicle, and demonstrations with real tractor trailers, emergency vehicles and airbags.  In-car coaches encourage and guide students through behind-the-wheel exercises such as threshold braking, slalom, emergency lane changes and a wet skid pad.

The SCCA will be looking for in-car coaches, tech inspection, course marshals, registration, and others to help make the day run smoothly. This is not a PCA-affiliated event, but PCA events also follow the Tire Rack instructional regimen.

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