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Many Porsche owners want to learn as much about their car as possible, whether it's about tips for performance enhancements or simple, practical steps like oil changes and car wax. Each season, generally in the months when the weather forces most of us to keep our Porsches in the garage, the region hosts a series of sessions. Some sessions are Porsche related; others may include a tour of an interesting vehicle collection or restoration shop.

Ethanol-free gas: Those who drive older Porsches prefer to use high octane gas that does not contain ethanol since their engines were developed prior to the introduction of enthanol. Here's a website that contains a listing of stations in Wisconsin that offer this gas. The site also allows visitors to add other locations. Thanks to region member Fred Schwierske for the tip.

Our tech sessions afford us the opportunity to see incredible shops such as Accumoto in Waunakee, Wis. Check out some photos from our 2017 visit here.

In 2017 we also visited International Autos – Porsche in Waukesha for a discussion with many topics. Check out the story and some photos here.

Our region tech chair Mike Wiviott is open to your suggestions about shops and services that may be ideal for a Saturday tech session. Get in touch with Mike at


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