PCA Milwaukee Business Meetings

Your PCA Milwaukee Region board of directors encourages ALL members to attend the Club's Monthly business meetings, generally held the first Thursday of every month, starting at 6:30 p.m.

The location of the meetings may change so watch the calendar for the correct location. See the listing at right for the 2017 schedule. Voice your opinion on upcoming activities, and provide feedback to your elected Directors and Chairpersons. These people are responsible for the calendar of events for PCA Milwaukee Region members. Give them your support ... and comments!

We also may hold General Membership Meetings, offering a program, free refreshments and snacks, and a chance to meet many of the 500+ people in the PCA Milwaukee Region. Not only will you get the latest up-to-the-minute Club information, but it's free. Notices about general membership meetings will always be posted to the region Web site.

Note - the business meetings occur on the first Thursday of every month (except where noted) and are primarily attended by the PCA Milwaukee Officers, Directors, and Committee Chairs for the purpose of running the club. All members are always welcome to attend board meetings. General Membership meetings are scheduled randomly for the entertainment and information of the entire PCA Milwaukee Region. Both meetings are open to all members.

Be sure to check our Web site Calendar or Steinlifters Newsletter for exact times and places. Business meeting dates are sometimes changed to avoid holiday conflicts. General Membership Meetings will be held at various locations capable of accommodating the larger group.

Questions about the board meetings may be directed to any member of the member. Refer to this list for the current board members.

You may also email your region secretary to verify meeting time and place:



Upcoming Events

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